In the future, will money invested in cryptocurrency belong to the government


Along with new youth, big giants are also showing great interest in cryptocurrency, although there are many people who stay away from investing money in the market, that is why they do not want to invest in cryptocurrency. They believe that in future the money invested in crypto will be under the control of the government and investors will not get any benefit from that money.

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Some founders believe that crypto and digital currency are going to become the money of the government after some time. Investors also talked about the upcoming release of CBDs, which are digital assets but not necessarily cryptocurrency  issued by financial institutions that will be backed with official government currency. There are many investors who have decided not to invest in cryptocurrency, apart from this, many people say that people who invest in crypto will be in big losses one day and in the end they will have to cry for their decision.

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Microsoft’s co-founder Bill Gates has termed crypto projects as a fraud, he says that this is a way to fool, and in the same Berkshire Hathaway’s Annual Share Holder Meeting, Warren Buffet said that there are many shortcomings in bitcoin and cryptocurrency. No value was assigned to. According to him, cryptocurrency is a passive asset and people buy it with great hope and think that after a long time, its value will increase and there will be good earnings.


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